Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why Should Software Companies Do Outsourcing To An Appointment Setting Company?

Many appointment setting firms these days offer their services to companies in any industry especially those that are dealing with b2b or business to business transactions. But, one of the industries that most of these b2b outbound telemarketing firms that are most popular with is the software industry where different software companies like for example those shipping software companies are offering not software products but offering software solutions because they know that there is a big difference between software products and software solutions and this is why some of these software companies know that outsourcing to these b2b telemarketing services firms or to an appointment setting company is their best investment.

But, why should these software companies try to do outsourcing to an appointment setting company that employs highly trained professional appointment setters to generate qualified leads and know more about the client company to be able to know their needs and if they really have the budget to invest on these telemarketing lead generation campaign when, the fact of the matter is, they have the resources and the manpower to make their own lead generation software to help them in their quest in gathering and generating software leads and business leads?

The reason behind why software companies would prefer to do outsourcing to these telemarketing firms or appointment setting company is because they may have the software but they don’t have the manpower with the right training and the right facilities to get the job done of setting up appointments between sales agents and the decision maker of a potential company client. It doesn’t really matter if they have the best software but if they don’t have the best professional appointment setters, everything will be gone to waste. They can develop software for generating qualified leads and do lead nurturing and management but this can all be worthless if they don’t have someone to do this kind of responsibility.

Most software companies will agree to these. They know that they have the people to develop all types of software but they needed some kind of ally that can utilize what they have and fuse it with the employment of a battery of telemarketers that can do face-to-face appointment setting services or arrange face-to-face appointments on their behalf. They may expect inbound telemarketing but what about outbound telemarketing? Honestly, software companies really don’t have the time to do outbound telemarketing and reach out to potential clients and letting them know what they are offering to them. If they will be the one to do lead generation and promoting product awareness, all they can offer are software products but not software solutions.

By offering nothing but software products, they may be talking to the wrong kind of people or they are talking to the right decision maker but they may be offering the wrong type of product. By offering software solutions, they know what they will be offering to the decision maker that will really be needed by the company that that decision maker is representing.

That is the reason why software companies should do outsourcing to an appointment setting company and if they do, not only they will be availing the best telemarketing services but they can also get the opportunity of utilizing other marketing methods such as email marketing, social media marketing and SEO or search engine optimization and even be provided with a targeted call list which will be very beneficial to them.

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