Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Manage Conflicts In Your Appointment Setting Team – Before It Gets Worst

Manage Conflicts In Your Appointment Setting Team – Before It Gets Worst
In business, or even in real life, conflict exists. Be it a disagreement on what product or service to offer first, to the way the toilet paper is oriented in the bathroom, we all get those occasional angry or irritated vibes against someone. But once this turns into a daily occurrence, this becomes a real problem. If we put this inside an appointment setting set-up, the results could be nothing less than troublesome. So, how do we best deal with this, once this happens in our workplace? How do we handle this so as not to hinder our ability to generate and nurture our sales leads?

 Well, there are a few places that we can start:
  1. All of you meant well – keep in mind that your office is not a TV show (unless you are on Reality TV, but that would be for another story). This means that in most cases of arguments or conflicts, there is no real ulterior motive. Everyone wants to make the company grow, the problem here is that their viewpoints might clash.
  2. Try not solving the problem fast – when conflict or arguments become ugly, there might be some reason for it. Besides, if you take a side, you will end up earning the ire of the other party. Sure, solve the problem fast, and get your lead generation process moving smoothly, but the ill feeling remains. Now that is something no one really wants to have in their business.
  3.  Encourage face-to-face communication – no matter what the problem is, always make it a point that both parties talk to each other. And the need to do it face-to-face. This will help speed up the resolution of issues by directly tackling the problem, as well as help both parties reach common ground. 
  4. When necessary, take a side – basically, you are taking the third side, the arbiter’s side. When conflicts plague your telemarketing operation, you need to take action fast. Get both parties on the table. Hear them out, and only then should you make a decision for them. But do not do this often, lest they turn it into a habit and they begin bringing to you their problems all the time. Now that would turn into a bigger problem for you, as the manager. 
  5. Show what you tell – nothing beats practicing what you preach. When you deal with problems in the office, which compels you to set down specific rules, make sure that you are following these rules yourself. In this way, your employees will see that you mean business, as well as make you more successful in pushing these changes in the office.

Conflicts are normal in business. Without it, there would really be no real growth happening in your lead generation campaign. It is in how you manage things that it makes all the difference. So you should know how to deal with it in your business. As a business manager, this is one of your most important duties.

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