Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Effective Appointment Setting, Think Like Your Customers

Customers can be a real puzzle for some marketers. They can either be a source of profitable sales leads, or they simply leave you hanging in the course of your lead generation campaign. A lot of marketers define their market simply by their demographic profiles alone. But to truly understand your customers, to truly see them as your customers, you should go beyond knowing facts like their gender, age and geographic location. The more details you know about them, the more capable you are in creating a sales pitch or an appointment setting campaign that is precisely what your prospects need.

The only question is, how will you do that?

To start with, try stepping in their shoes. Spend time and talk to your customers and business prospects. Ask them about their business, what they do every day, as well as the challenges that the face regularly. You involve themselves in their daily activities. What you learn there are very important insights as to what makes their business tick, and if there are any lose gears, you have the appropriate solution to help them. Believe it or not, but spending time with your prospective B2B leads will help be a better marketer, not to mention partner, for their business. You just have to make a contribution.

Second, try using social media and telemarketing as an aid to your marketing research. Social media marketing can help open up new avenues and insights about your business, giving a better grasp of what they want, what they need, what they fear, as well as what they desire. Telemarketing , on the other hand, is an excellent communication tool with business executives when discussing business. It is formal, structured, with a directness that a lot of marketers favor for quick shop talks with their prospects. There are so many things that you can learn by talking and involving your company in their social and business circles. You catch something of your fancy.

Lastly, create a survey and feedback strategy for your customers. Serving them is good, that is true, but ensuring that you really are serving them good is just as important. That is why you need to monitor the market, looking for discontent and promptly addressing the hurt. Conducting market surveys are very useful in revealing what customers have in mind when they think of your business, plus it is direct and private enough to encourage their candidness. As a marketer, you need to ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy with what you are offering them. Asking them directly would be best.

Keeping yourself in touch with your customers is essential for the success of your marketing campaigns. Without first understanding what your customers want, you would not know where to start. Yes, there are marketing gurus saying that a customer does not really know what they want, but it never hurts to learn a thing or two for their lead generation campaigns. There are so many things that you can discover.

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