Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Appointment Setting

Effective communication occurs when the person you’re communicating with can interpret your message the way you intended them to, however, this situation is often missed when there is absence of personal communication. That is why in the field of business, closed sales can be easily attained when a salesperson gets the chance to have a face-to-face meeting with a sales lead. Indeed, any form of message when relayed personally has proven to be effective.

This is now where the role of appointment setting enters the scene. While majority of the businesses nowadays continue to utilize modern and cutting edge technology to reach and contact their clients, they can’t still deny the fact that setting an appointment with a decision maker is one of the hardest things that even having the latest technology cannot help them.

Appointment setting is not about having all the resources yet failing to acquire necessary skills, yes, skills are very essential in the appointment setting process , and we mean here not only the physical ones but the mental, emotional, and most of all the interpersonal skill. Because the truth is, failure to have a prior relationship with decision makers and business owners, means having a lesser possibility of setting a business appointment with them. These people are way too busy and preoccupied to entertain any meetings that they don’t think they can benefit from.

Considering that salespersons are undeniably having a hard time convincing the decision makers to personally meet them, how much more when the former actually meet the latter and start to bargain with each other? You just can imagine the outcomes that are at stake the moment these marketers start talking.

Doubtlessly, appointment setting is a “no pain, no gain” game. It really does take a tremendous amount of patience, skills, and most importantly PR to be able to make an appointment.