Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Be Better In Appointment Setting, Be Boring

Really, a good number of us business owners and marketers are all after the new, the modern, the shiny or latest, in whatever we do. This is especially true in our marketing and appointment setting campaigns. In our desire to generate more sales leads, we want to use only the latest tools and the most popular concepts to do it. New is good, there is no question about that. The problem here is that it can become a double-edged sword. If you do not handle this right, then you will end up hampering your lead generation processes.

But why would that happen?

The main problem with this lies with consistency of message. You see, marketing relies on getting your product or service to pop up constantly in the minds of your business prospects. If you can keep on saying your business to them at a steady rate, then you increase your company’s chances of actually earning the B2B leads that you are looking for. Now, this requires that you maintain the same scope of your message, the same identity of your company, all throughout your current campaign as well as that which could come out in the future. It is only when you fail to acknowledge that detail do problems begin to creep in.

Consistency of your message is not just with regards to the content, the delivery vehicle must also be consistent, no matter what form you use. Be it in social media or in telemarketing , you have to make sure that every tool that your marketing team employs all point towards the desired results. If every part of your campaign takes on a different approach to your audience, then you are only increasing the confusion. And if you prospects are confused, then they will be less likely to be interested in you. And when they do not express the desired level of interest, then there is a high chance that they would not even bother with you anymore. Now that would be a real pain for your business.

Still, that does not stop some businesses to shift their image, their branding, or even their very solutions once a year or even less than that. And the reason most entrepreneurs give for such dizzying actions would be boredom. They have grown tired of their logo, their business, even the very offering that compelled them to be in business in the first place. They wanted to start on something new, so they try every little tactic that they dear about. While this might sound sensible, you are actually digging your own grave here. Do that and you are, figuratively speaking, burning the ropes that your prospects are holding on. When that happens, well, things can get really uncomfortable.

So, what should you do then? The answer here is actually very simple.

Stay boring, stay the same. There is nothing to lose if you keep your brand just like it did when you first started out. Who knows, that might be precisely what made your business memorable to your appointment setting prospects.

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