Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Conquer Your Fears In B2B Appointment Setting

 Conquer Your Fears In B2B Appointment Setting

Fear is a powerful de-motivator. No matter how prepared you are in your B2B appointment setting campaigns, or advanced your marketing equipment are, if you let your fear get the better of you, then you will never be able to effectively generate the B2B leads. Now this would be a pain for your mobile applications firm, since you have to get a lot of these in order to sell. You have to conquer your fears first. Only after facing your greatest challenge (fear), then you would be able to deal with the other challenges that life throws our way. So, where do you get to start?

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the task at hand. For example, as a mobile application company conducting a lead generation campaign, you would need to be aware of the different products and services that may catch the interest of your intended business prospects. If you want to be more effective, you need to know more about yourself and your market first.

Second, you need to psyche yourself up on the courage department. For you to be able to function optimally in the B2B lead generation game, you need to have confidence in your abilities. You see, fear can confuse you, making you imagine situations that cause you to curl up even before the campaign starts. True, marketing can be intimidating, but if you put your mind to it, then you can be successful.

Third, look at your fear in a different perspective. We have to accept the fact that your fear will still be there, and it will nag in your mind. Now, you can control that, simply by changing your perspective of your fear. Let us think about it this way: if you think that talking to potential sales leads is scary, then what about balancing a chair on a cliff? That would be way scarier. You might as well do some marketing.

Fourth, consider your source of fear. More likely than not, that feeling that you call fear may not be fear at all. For example, that tingling sensation on your fingers before you make that telemarketing call may just be the adrenaline from the excitement. Once you have repurposed your feelings, it may be possible for your fear to disappear. You just have to be more attuned to your own body’s reactions.

Lastly, why not let your fear push you? You see, fear can drive people to do things that are beyond their capacity. Sure, you may be afraid to market outside, to meet different people, but why not try pushing yourself, then? Why not just take that leap of faith and get right into it? Maybe a little push is all you need to get your appointment setting campaign moving.

That is how it is. You should never let fear get the better of you. As a marketer, you must be able to conduct a lead generation campaign successfully. You can make it happen, just believe in yourself.

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