Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Can Webinars Improve Your Appointment Setting Campaign?

How Can Webinars Improve Your Appointment Setting Campaign?
Technology is so amazing, with the way it evolves today and how it influences the way we do business. If before, brick and mortar stores are the name of the game. Now, as long as you have a website and a supplier, you can make a lot of money using the online business platform. Technology has also changed the way we conduct our appointment setting campaigns, with webinars being one of the emerging tools that we can use to increase the number of sales leads that we generate.

The question here is this: how can we make it work for our business? And if we succeed in conducting one, how can we make sure that it stays that way in the future?

For the first question, the solution is rather simple:

Start with your marketing campaign itself. Make sure that the topic of your webinar is directly related to your business, as well as your overall marketing campaign. Doing that makes it easier for your team to promote the event, as well as tie up your business as the go-to source of information for interested prospects.

Plan the event well with your presenters. One of the biggest turn-offs in a webinar is appearing in front of the camera unprepared. Work with your presenters beforehand. Show the seminar materials, check their appearance on camera. Test them about their mastery of their content. Once you are satisfied, then that is the time for you to let them go live. Promote your webinars in advance. Probably it will take you one to two months to successfully advertise your event. You will need to use a lot of channels for this, like social media, telemarketing, email, and the like. Your aim here is to put your webinar in the consciousness of your target audience. Get follow-up materials ready for distribution. Do you have white papers to share, or perhaps some other business material that might come in handy after the webinar? Make sure that you send them to your audience come conclusion of the event. It might be preferable to send them ahead, though, but it will depend on the topic that you will be covering.

As for the second question, there is only one answer for that: innovation.

You need to constantly improve and change the topics that you cover in your webinars. This will add excitement and interest in the eyes of your business prospects, as well as make your event more interesting to attend. Innovation is a key ingredient in a successful webinar, which will also influence the success of your lead generation campaign. If the changes you have in mind will bring in the B2B leads that you are looking for, then there is nothing to it. Actually, just go for it.

A webinar is also very useful in building a reputation in the market, and a greater professional relationship with your prospects. They know, through your webinars, that you are an expert in the field (just make sure you actually prove it), so they will go back o you. And if there is anything that a lead generation marketer loves, it is a prospect that keeps returning.

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