Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Really Nail Appointment Setting Through Cold Calling Techniques

There are times in the life of a company in any industry that they can run out of ideas on who to call. Sure, there can try to consult business directories, ask for referrals and even scan newspapers and magazines and sift through the internet pages to find more customers. But, whatever the reason, there really are some companies that can still run out of ideas. So, what do they do? They do telemarketing by not knowing what the recipient would really want and how they are going to get it. In cold calling, surely, they can’t expect to close any sales. What they just need to do is to go for appointment setting by having the recipient respond positively to the face-to-face appointments arranged by the one who initiated the call and in this case, they are the professional appointment setters or the telemarketers.

In the days of old, those who are the telemarketers are the sales people themselves who call up people and try to close a sale after a series of calls. Today, telemarketing is done not by sales agents but by these professional appointment setters and they are not there to introduce a product but they are there to present a solution and then ask the recipient of a call if he will agree with meeting the sales agent personally to explain more about the product that can be the possible solution to the current issues and needs of the company that the recipient of the call is representing.

However, even though you can say that it might be easier to do appointment setting rather than do product selling over the phone, telemarketers doing face-to-face appointment setting services should also learns some few tips on how to really nail appointment setting through cold calling techniques.

One of the very important tip that any telemarketers should know about is to make a script. When talking about making a script, it also involves a lot of practice on how to say what telemarketers have written on the script. If the telemarketers are the employees of a b2b telemarketing company where a company, say, a software company has done outsourcing for telemarketing services, then, there is no problem in making the script. All the telemarketers have to do is to follow that script and learn how to deliver the lines on the script as naturally as possible. Constant practice on how to say something like a greeting should be done constantly. An appointment setting personnel can try to record his voice and find out if he is speaking too fast or if he doesn’t sound very natural and make some adjustments.

Through the use of a script, the telemarketers can develop a good phone image. The way telemarketers will come across the phone will be the deciding factor whether or not the telemarketers can make the recipient agree to meet with sales agents.

If a script is made and constant practice on how to say the lines on the script is done, any telemarketers can nail appointment setting even doing cold calling. After all, even if the professional appointment setters know something about the potential client, they still need to have a script and base their conversation on that script and at the same time trying to avoid in following the script word for word. This can really help telemarketers generate good and qualified leads which can lead them to generate higher sales profits for the software company that hired them.

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